Your perfect shoe.

Choosing the perfect shoes means keeping a lot of factors in mind, the right size being just the start. The fit has to be perfect, the materials high-quality, and the type of shoe appropriate for the occasion. The ALPINA staff is always happy to help and share the experience of getting people shoes they’ll love to wear day after day.

When shopping for shoes, be sure to do it toward the end of the day. This will help you pick the most comfortable size because feet tend to swell as the day goes on.

Shoes should be chosen with great care. When carefully selected, they can round up the whole image, even improving it. As a general rule, it’s wise to match busier shoes with plain clothes and simple shoes with clothing full of prints or details.

Despite what the fashion trends are saying, black is still the most popular color for footwear—it’s versatile and easy to wear. Nevertheless, colors shouldn’t be overlooked because they can liven up an outfit. Here are some easy-to-use guidelines when choosing color.

BLACK SHOES will match clothes of all colors; just be careful when pairing them with pastel or brown shades, in this case, it’s good to repeat black somewhere in the outfit.

BROWN SHOES can be worn with brown, beige, orange, or green. A combination of royal blue and chocolate brown is also becoming increasingly popular; however, the trick is finding the right balance between the two. Lighter shades of brown are a good match for white summer clothing.

BEIGE AND NUDE SHOES go especially well with clothing in pastel shades and white. Tan shoes are also a good match for intense red, purple, blue, or green. WHITE SHOES are a summer version of black. They can be paired with all colors, as long as there’s the right color balance. As a rule, they look best next to pastels.

GRAY SHOES are becoming very popular because gray looks good with the majority of colors, from black, blue, red, and purple, to yellow.

SLIVER SHOES are a perfect match for white, gray, or black clothes. Silver goes very well with various shades of blue and violet.

GOLD SHOES bring something special to green, red, blue, and other strong colors. A little bit of balance is needed when matching gold with black and white, while it’s best to avoid golden, sandy, gray, or silver shades.

Some women wear high heels on a daily basis, others wear them only on special occasions, and some never do and only feel good in flats. However just like a stiletto, a ballerina flat never goes out of style.

HIGH HEELS are special for every woman and an essential part of her wardrobe. Like the little black dress, a pair of high heels is an easy way to make an impact, a true classic. With the pump making a comeback, it’s wise to own a pair just in case, making sure the fit is comfortable and the heel isn’t too high. With a little practice, every woman can learn how to walk in high heels; the most important thing is a height that’s comfortable.

BALLERINA FLATS are still very popular and very French. They can easily be worn from morning to evening or kept in a bag when your feet need to take a break from wearing heels.

WEDDING SHOES are a big part of the perfect wedding. The wedding day will be long and there’s a good chance it will involve dancing all night long, so the first thing every bride-to-be should consider is comfort: the right size, fit, and of course a heel height that will guarantee a smooth step and complete confidence. When it comes to style, bridal shoes have to emphasize the style of the bride: rich wedding gowns will look best with simple shoes, while shoes with details or special material will be perfect with a minimalistic dress. And, of course, white isn’t the only option; intense hues make a nice contrast with a white gown, and can even match the color of the wedding bouquet. With nude or pastel wedding gowns, shoes the same color as the dress will be absolutely perfect.