Black colour and patent-leather look

This year's autumn is characterised by materials with a patent-leather look, leather and animal patterns. The predominant colours are the so-called 'biker' black and dark brown with golden ornaments. Shiny metallic colours that stand out from the average are the absolute trend this year.

Bold materials and accessories

Similar to the clothing, this year's autumn footwear is adorned with a wide variety of bold materials and accessories. The popular metal rivets dominating the streets for several seasons are here to stay. They can be seen on various models of footwear, heels, boots, ankle boots, or even sneakers. This year's novelty are also prominent zippers, buckles, straps and buttons.

Steel-toe boots return

Boots and ankle boots come in many variations this year. For those more rebellious at heart, the big trend are steel-toe boots, which were originally worker shoes but have become legendary footwear for fashion enthusiasts. The Alpina collection offers several colours, from classic grey to red, blue, green, or even snow-white.

Sneakers are an indispensable fashion piece

Sneakers have long ago transcended the role of sports footwear and became an indispensable fashion piece in the wardrobe. It is hard to go wrong with them, since they can transform any look into its bolder version. This year they also underwent a fashion makeover, shining in metallic colours and donning knitwear and animal patterns. 

Shoes from the sixties

Those of you who cannot come to terms with high heels will love this year's trend, since it dictates romantic shoes without heels, the likes of which were worn in the sixties. These lovely shoes can be found in the Alpina collection in various designs and colours. The comfortable low shoes with metal accessories, interesting details and optional straps are an excellent alternative to high heels. Dark, smoky, mixed shades such as camel hair, dirty green, cream, brown and reddish are the right colours for autumn.